Can I drink caffeine while breastfeeding?

Can I drink caffeine while breastfeeding? It’s generally recommended to limit caffeine while pregnant, so you might be wondering if it’s safe to drink caffeine while breastfeeding. A small amount of caffeine does get into your breastmilk if you’re breastfeeding. However, the amount of caffeine is very small, and considerably less than what crosses the […]

Breast Pumps Through History

breast pumps through history cycle speec

The Industrial Revolution brought about some major changes to breast pumps – which had been, for hundreds of years, glass vials. These mechanical breast pumps paved the way for the electric breast pumps we know today. Here’s a brief look at breast pumps through history. 1854 – The first mechanical breast pump patent The first […]

Prolactin and Breastfeeding

When to expect your first period after baby while breastfeeding. Shown in image, toddler breastfeeding

If you’re breastfeeding you might have heard the term prolactin. So, what is the relationship between prolactin and breastfeeding? Prolactin is the hormone responsible for breastmilk production. There are times throughout the day when levels of prolactin are naturally at their highest – and this means more milk output! Here’s what you need to know about […]

When will I get my First Period after Baby While Breastfeeding?

When you get your first period after baby varies a lot if you're breastfeeding

You might be wondering when to expect your first period after baby while breastfeeding: It depends. When you get your first period after baby while breastfeeding depends on a lot of factors, including your baby’s feeding habits and whether you’re taking hormonal contraceptives. Even adjusting to those factors, when to expect the first period after […]

Ian Somerhalder Carries Nikki Reed’s Breast Pump at the Golden Globes

Ian Somerhalder carries wife Nikki Reed's breast pump in box

Ian and Nikki welcomed their baby girl Bodhi Soleil on July 25th, 2017. The couple attended the Golden Globes last weekend, and left Bodhi at home with a sitter. Pumping mamas know how important it is to maintain a pumping schedule. When you’re away from your baby, you need to pump – even at the Golden […]