Do you love breast pumps? We're expanding our customer service team!

Do you love breast pumps? We're expanding our customer service team!

Pumpables is hiring! We’re looking for new customer service team members with heart, commitment AND the ability to assemble a breastshield blindfolded.

Things are getting busy and we need help! We’re looking for new team members with lots of breast pump knowledge, and who are passionate about customer service. Ideally you’ll be experienced with cloud-based platforms and understand that customer service is a core part of the Pumpables brand.

We’re a breast pump company that lives on the internet. Mamas who are finding our brand are finding us through Facebook, Instagram, through recommendations in Facebook groups, blogs and so on. You can’t find us in stores. Delivering fast, helpful and friendly customer service to mamas approaching our brand for the first time is part of our DNA.


You know a lot about breast pumps

Ideally, you’re an exclusively expressing mother or just someone who has used a breast pump a lot. You are familiar with everything that comes with using a breast pump, like sterilising, figuring out parts compatibility, and replacing parts.

You definitely need to have used an electric breast pump, and of course it will help if it’s one of ours.

You understand that customer service is about community

Pumpables is a brand built by and for mamas. You need to be able to speak to customers the same way that you’d talk to a friend. If you struggle without scripts or feel an uncontrollable need to use phrases like ‘Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance’ this job is not for you.

Customer service is the frontline of our brand. We’re connecting with customers. We’re troubleshooting issues. We’re arguing with couriers (argh!). The way that we relate to customers is a key part of our brand and you need to be able to get it right.

You can work effectively online

Our customer service team works online. This means you’re working from home. Sure, this sounds great, but it’s not for everyone.

Here’s what this will mean for you
  • You’ll have set periods in which you’re responsible for helping customers and dealing with issues.
  • There’s less boundary between work time and off time - your hours are flexible BUT you’ll also get questions from the rest of the team outside your work hours. You need to be able to reset your idea of the ‘work day’ to something that’s more flexible and has less boundaries.
  • You need amazing written communication skills
  • You need to be very comfortable working with online platforms - our webstore, our ‘virtual office’, our helpdesk are all cloud-based.
  • You understand that your work is not something you fit around housework, or naptimes and that we’ll be relying on you to get work done when it meets the needs of the whole team.

You care about helping us grow

As a new startup, built by mamas and working to serve mamas, we need everyone on board to be ready to jump in, to care about issues we face and celebrate wins. Customer service isn’t something we let just anyone do - it’s a core part of the Pumpables brand. Consider yourself half customer service, half brand ambassador. It’s that important.

Basis you’ll be working on

We are a diverse team made up of members from all over. We welcome applications from all over!

You do need to be able to fit in with our primary time zone of GMT + 8 (Singapore time)

The rate of pay for this role will be negotiable. You’ll be asked in the application form what your desired rate of pay is, and we’ll take that into consideration when we look at all the applications.

Your hours will also be negotiable. You’ll be asked in the application what your preferred amount of hours per week is, and we’ll take that into consideration when we look at applications. We expect most people will prefer around 20 hours a week.

About us

Pumpables is a new breast pump company made up of team members from all over. Connecting with customers is part of our DNA!

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Pumpables on

Hi CheAnne!

No specific requirements in terms of qualifications, but you must have great written communication skills + really be familiar with breast pumps :) oh, and be excited about helping us grow!

CheAnne on

Hi team. What is the requirements to apply for the position?

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