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Your Genie Plus no longer comes with tubing connectors

So after launching Genie Plus last year, we had soo much great feedback which of course we loved. 

However, there was a problem. 

The tubing connectors that came with Genie Plus had a tendency to slip off, causing many mamas lots of frustration. 

Simple solution -  just remove the tubing connectors!

We now do not include tubing connectors with Genie Plus. Just attach your tubing directly to your pump motor and to the backflow protector on your shield kit and away you go!

We've updated the 'What's in the box' section and assembly instructions in our manual:

-> Read updated Genie Plus manual

We attached a picture of what this will look like below. Just let us know if you're not sure.

How to assemble Genie Plus breast pump tubing

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