We're Hiring! Customer Service

We're Hiring! Customer Service

Pumpables is hiring!

We’re looking for a new customer service team member with heart, commitment & the ability to assemble a shield kit blindfolded.

About this role

You’ll primarily be working through customer contact via Facebook and email, but you’ll also need to be engaged with our community via social media and working with the rest of the team to ensure everything is working smoothly. 

Important - we’re hoping to find someone who’ll be comfortable doing the odd IG Story / Reel.

Here’s what you’d be doing:

  • Answering tickets via our cloud-based customer service software. 
  • Supporting customers with product guidance, questions about their order, or who need troubleshooting help. 
  • Enjoying how lovely most customers are, but being stoical with the hostile / cranky customers who are stressed and probably didn’t get enough sleep. 
  • “Going to work” in, not an office, but a virtual workspace (we use Asana) where you will collab with the rest of the team and be proactive about getting work done. 
  • Keeping an eye on our community and socials
  • Engaging with customers on social media answering comments and doing an occasional reel.

Requirements for the role:

  • Extensive familiarity with modern breast pumps.
  • Patient, kind person who is able to empathise with our customers. 
  • Impeccable communication - grammar, spelling, ability to communicate online must be ON POINT. 
  • Real passion for supporting new moms / pumpers AND
  • Real passion for helping our brand grow.

Basic conditions of work with Pumpables (read carefully!) 

  • We expect this role to be 20 hours per week, but we’ll try to work with you to hit the amount of hours per week that works best for you.
  • There are no ‘set hours’. This is a customer service role, so you’ll balance helping out customers fast with maintaining flexibility for your life. We imagine you’ll login and work through tickets / tasks a couple times a day, maybe morning and afternoon. 
  • You’ll be paid based on hours worked every 2 weeks, invoicing us as a contractor.
  • We’re almost totally text based and asynchronous . Consider us a bunch of ‘appointment-phobics’. Sometimes we’ll have a call. There was one back in 2021. They’re to be avoided though, right? 

About Pumpables

We’re a new breast pump company that lives on the internet. We know A LOT about breast pumps, and what works best for pumpers, and we learn from our community all the time, too. We’re on a mission to make pumping better by building better products, and building a brand culture that supports and empowers. 

We have a few quirks. We’re fully remote and we aren’t into ‘traditional’ ways of doing things. You’re in control of when you do your work. Our workplace is  basically like an incredibly complicated chat group. It’s not for everyone - you need to be intrinsically motivated.

Is Pumpables right for you? It is if you care about what we care about - building a company that does good in the world supporting new parents, that is on a path to big growth and real impact, and proving that we can do it at home, in our own time, too. We’ve got something to prove and we hope you’ll want to be part of that.  


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Have they started getting back to people who have applied?


I would love the opportunity to apply for this role! I’m a pumping mom that works at an OBGYN office with a lactation consultant as an LPN! I have learned so much from my work and would love to help others. If this opens again I will be applying and hoping to hear back from you.
Thank you,
Miya LPN


Hoping to hear back soon! Really eager to get on! Got my application in super early!

Sarah-Callin Moat

Hey Pumpables team!

I was an exclusive pumper for a year and pumpables genie advance was game changer. Over that year I watched an embarrassing amount of pumping videos to make my pumping journey as smooth as possible. I learned everything about pumping through social media and would’ve been lost without it. I truly don’t think I would’ve made it a whole year without it. I would love to have the opportunity to help others with their pumping journey through your platform!

Erika Orman

This job is the perfect fit for me with my experience and knowledge on pumping/marketing/customer service and reel and content creation! Would absolutely love to be apart of your team to help your brand grow and help all those mamas out there! Thank you for your time! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Katelyn Ferschke

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