Headed back to work soon? Get ready by packing your breast pump bag ahead of time. We’ve asked pumping mamas what’s in their breast pump bag, and here’s what they suggest adding to your breast pump bag checklist.

Food and water

Drink and biscuits! Biscuits/food are needed as your energy ebbs while you are doing it. The same as breastfeeding. Healthier choices are probably better but if you can’t enjoy yourself while working hard for your baby, when can you?

– Kelly-Ann

Nonperishable snacks are breast pump essentials. Find snacks high in galactogogues, like oatmeal.
Pack a snack – you’ll burn a lot of calories pumping, so you need to keep your energy up!

Extra breast pump parts

Extra valve. I got stuck once with a broken one and had to hand express took so long.
In my bag….
-charger cord (if Low battery)
– bottle/s
– parts for pump (plus extra valve)
– bottle lid (omg I have forgotten this!)
– large silicone storage bag that I carry and clean my pump equipment in.
– cleaning tablets.
– ice brick for trip home.
– a piece of bubs clothing from the day before (smell it helps my let down strange I know)

– Anastasia

Cleaning supplies

I finished now sadly but mine was ; pump with bottle n cable, bm bags with pen, that thing u squeeze onto other side to gather let down, wet wipes, kitchen roll, water bottle and some sort of food x

– Christina

Jenny Mollen uses breast pump in airport
We want to know what Jenny Mollen includes in her breast pump bag!
Ice pack.
Storage bottles.
Bottle brush to clean pump and bottles.
Water bottle.
Bottle bag.
– Mandy

Breastmilk storage bags

Pump and spare batteries, power cord if I had a plug, 2 bottles all the parts (yep I’ve forgotten bits before and cried!) Cleaning tablets, ice block, lots of milk bags, paracetamol, water, lanolin, breast pads
Also hand sanitiser!!

– Charlotte

breast pump bag checklist
Some mamas include clothing or items of their baby’s to help with milkflow while pumping.

Your breast pump bag checklist

What’s in your breast pump bag depends a lot on your situation, but generally you’ll want extra parts for your pump, milk storage, snacks, some cleaning supplies, and an ice block if you have a long commute. As you get used to pumping you’ll figure out what works best for your routine. While you prepare your breast pump bag, check out our blog for other guides on breast pump essentialspumping at work, and more.

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