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Liquid Shield Kit

Contains 1x Liquid Shield

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The Liquid Shield system by Pumpables is different from traditional hard flange systems because it contains a soft interior insert, the Liquid insert.  This is made out of lovely soft liquid silicone, and it works very differently from a traditional flange. 

The Liquid insert moulds to the breast tissue, and provides a soft environment for the nipple to be drawn down. Because the Liquid insert is full-length, and extends all the way from the breast right past the nipple, there are no edges or friction, just a nice comfortable material of liquid silicone. 

As the Liquid insert is flexible, when your breast pump applies suction the Liquid insert will actually collapse down around your nipple, which helps compress and massage the nipple. This mimics the way your baby's palate compresses the nipple when she is breastfeeding.

Which shield size to choose?

To figure out your size, measure your nipple using our measuring tool.

The best shield size will fit snugly around your nipple, with no areola.

We know it can be confusing figuring out shield sizing, so we really recommend you get in touch if you need fitting help.

Tip most pumpers are using too large a shield, so have us help if you're not sure 💁.

Get measuring tool

Fitting Room

We've fitted thousands and thousands of women through our virtual Fitting Room!

Send some pics using our measuring tool and / or a video of you pumping and we'll give you our expert advice.

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This listing is for one single pack of the full Liquid Kit. This means it includes:

Liquid insert in your chosen size

Breastshield assembly

Breastshield cover

Seal diaphragm

Seal cap



Bottle lid

Bottle stand

Neck adaptor (wide to narrow)

If you're wanting to double pump, please make sure you add 2 kits to your cart. It's fine to add different sizes.



This shield fits with wide neck bottles. If you're using narrow neck bottles, you can still use Liquid Kit with a wide to narrow bottle neck adaptor (or just buy some cheap wide neck bottles). 

Breast pumps

The Liquid Kit is a closed system, so you can use it with any pump (i.e. Spectra). You must use the entire Liquid Kit when pumping (you cannot use just the Liquid insert with breastshields from another range). 

The Liquid Kit comes with a standard sized silicone tubing, but some pumps i.e. Medela need a connector attached to the end of the tubing in order to connect it to the pump. If you're using a pump that has a tubing connector between tubing and pump, you may not be able to use Liquid Kit. 

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United States United States


I’m a bit of a pump collector and I have to say the super genie with liquid shield kits is the best thing since sliced bread!!! It has made pumping at work so comfortable, I look forward to my next pump session! The liquid inserts are little silicone clouds for your nips!! If you are on the fence, DO IT!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review


Aww, this makes our day! Thanks Chesnee so happy to hear!

Grace C.
United States

Everyday use

I use them everyday multiple times a day and let me tell you. These sweet pumpables make a huge difference in comfort while pumping and let me tell you size matters. Your standard flange size is a 24mm and for most women 24mm is too large. I can’t brag about these enough to fellow soon to be mommas.

Angelica P.
United States United States

Didn’t Meet Expectations

Buying this product after reading and watching many reviews, I even bought multiple flange sizes to ensure I gave it many chances to prove me wrong.I had high expectations and was thrilled when I received it. I was not comfortable during my pumping sessions and as an exclusive pumper I really need to be. Even though many people talked about if you have elastic nipples it was extremely comfortable, not true unfortunately. No matter the flange size for me. If I could return this product I would. Too many parts for no reason and honestly began to hurt my supply. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for me but maybe it will for you.

Morgan N.
United States United States

The only thing that worked!

I’m a second time mama. I do have to say, that exclusive pumping is new to me and it wasn’t by choice. I nursed my first baby exclusively, but this time around is completely different. After multiple attempts with standard flanges of all sizes, and even the wearable cups, I quickly found myself tiring out and in a great deal of pain after pumping sessions. Then I came across pumpables and the Liquid Shield Kit. THANK GOODNESS! The liquid shield kit has seemed to really turn things around for me. I’ve used the product almost an entire month now and overall I’m overjoyed with it! You the liquid shield kit is truly the ONLY way my pumping journey will have longevity. My breast tissue is a lot different this time around (elastic nipples) and a standard plastic flange will not work for me long term; no matter how much lube or inserts I use. Since one months use I have noticed a slight decrease in suction, which is expected with an exclusive pumper after so long, and.should be an easy fix once I change out my insert. This is a recommended that the company makes in the item description so I was fully aware and prepared for all future investments prior to purchasing. The only other thing I can say is that the size I really need 15mm is hot commodity, so there’s a waitlist to get the product. So, until then I’m using the next size up, and it works well for the time being. From the very start, this company and product was just different (in a good way) — educating me on fitting, purchasing and having awesome customer service. I’m telling as many moms I can about the liquid shield kit! It was literally a life saver!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Jessica V.
United States United States

Amazing product

Great for pumping, comfortable and very high quality!!

Irina V.
United States United States

Love my Liquid Shield Kits!

I will never use another flange set again! I am obsessed with the silicone liquid shield kits and being properly sized. Makes all the difference in the world!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
S m.
United States United States

finally something comfortable!

I was about to give up on pumping and gave this 1 chance on a friend's suggestion and I was not disappointed. My nipples were bruised and I was so uncomfortable but now things are so much better compared to pumping with other flanges.

Trang P.
United States United States

Must-have item for your breastfeeding journey!!!

The liquid shield kit helps me get more milk out than the original kit that came with the spectra, and no more clogged ducts!!!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Abby L.
United States United States

A lot more comfortable than hard plastic!

I ordered the pumpables liquid shield kit nearing the end/slowing down of my pumping journey, so these comments come with a grain of salt. I've been experiencing elastic nipples, and after watching Karrie Locher's stories, thought I would give this kit a try to see if it would help. Again, because I am at the end, my production has been low. I thought this kit would help, but it really doesn't give me anymore than I was making, and my nipple still goes to the end. I'm not sure if I still need a smaller flange than their 17mm (they are soon coming out with 15mm inserts), but I am not going to purchase anything else because I probably won't be pumping too much longer. I was hoping it would help with my supply and also didn't realize it was only for 1 side until I got it in the mail. I think maybe that in the title (One Side Liquid Shield Kit, ex.) would clear that up a lot more. I thought for $30 it would be 2 flanges. That was my bad. Overall I like the idea of it. It's a little hard to get the diaphragm right, and milk gets in there often which causes the suction to sound like it isn't working, but customer service says its normal! Hoping if I am breastfeeding again with a future babe that I can give it a fair shot and see what it can do for me!

Nancy W.
United States United States

You must try this pump!

By far the best pump I have used, and I have used many. So quiet and small. Battery life is amazing. Allows me to continue to be a working mom and provide enough milk for my baby each day!