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PUMP2BAG Adaptor Set

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Pumpables Pump2Bag Adaptors – pump straight into any compatible breastmilk bags. Pack of 2.


Pumpables Pump2Bag adaptors allow you to pump straight into your breastmilk bags. Each Pump2Bag screws onto your wide neck breastshield and then clips to your breastmilk bag securely. If you're a pumping mama, then you know how these little time saving measures make all the difference!

By pumping straight into your breastmilk storage bags, you'll save time, and you'll also avoid the inevitable loss of milk that happens when you transfer milk from bottle to bag. Every drop counts!

While naturally we hope you'll use our Pumpables Breastmilk Storage Bags when you're using your Pump2Bag adaptors ;), they are also compatible with lots of other branded storage bags and wide neck breastshields. 

** This product listing is for 2 Pump2Bag adaptors only, breastmilk bags / breastshield aren't included. **

Works with these breastshields:
  • Pumpables Genie breastshield
  • Spectra wide neck breastshield
  • Avent wide neck breastshield
  • Any other breastshield using a standard wide neck
Works with these breastshields using a narrow to wide bottle adaptor:
  • Medela narrow neck breastshields
  • Pumpables Universal all-in-one narrow neck breastshields
  • Any other breastshield using a standard narrow neck
Works with these breastmilk storage bags:
  • Pumpables Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • Lansinoh
  • Nuk
Does NOT work with these breastmilk bags:
  • Medela

The material the Pump2Bag adaptors are made from is totally free from BPA, BPS, phthlatates and other nasties. They do have a stainless steel component though, so please do not put them in the microwave.