Okay let’s go crazy and let loose here. Here at Pumpables we have several new breast pump models in the works. Unfortunately, it is a time consuming process, as you can see:

  • Designs – 1 month
  • Feedback & finalisation – 2 weeks
  • Build a non-working mockup prototype – 1 month
  • Build a working prototype – 1 month
  • Get feedback from users – 2 months
  • Get certification (CE) – 6 months
  • Get FDA approval – 6 months
  • Get everyone in the world to know about our awesome new breast pump – ongoing 😉

While we go through this nail-biting yet painfully drawn out process, we thought ask you what your dream breast pump would be. Would you like…

A breast pump that massages your boobs

Breast compressions are a great way for some women to get more milk out when pumping. It can be uncomfortable though, and forget about being handsfree and getting other stuff done while you pump. How great would a breast pump that massaged your boobs as well be!

A breast pump that operates itself through the night

If you are a mum pumping for a newborn or an exclusively expressing mum, then you know that having to wake up during the night to pump is a real drain. How cool would it be if you could just fit your pump into your nightie (or more likely, the giant maternity bra you wear at night), put it on a ‘night program’ and then sleep the night away. The pump could come on and off on schedule, and you would sleep undisturbed. Of course the pump would be coming on and off during the night and doing its massaging and sucking thing, but let’s face it, you’re probably so tired you could sleep through that. You’d wake up in the morning with a giant bottle of milk and a good night’s sleep (assuming baby cooperates!). Bravo!

A breast pump that moulds itself instantly to your boob shape

Probably the biggest issue that causes pain and low milk output for mums when pumping (aside from a crappy breast pump) is using the wrong size breastshield. We’ve tried to help with this with the Pumpables Milk Genie by including 3 shield sizes, but how cool would it be if the breastshield was made out of some smart material that moulded instantly to your breast, matching your breast and nipple size perfectly. We’ll get started on that one rightaway 😉

A totally handsfree, silent breast pump that is still an amazingly good breast pump

This is the holy grail of breast pumps, right? A breast pump you can use in the car, at your desk, running after the kids and it won’t be so noisy everyone knows what you’re doing and it will also be so small that you don’t need to get all your kit off. Stay tuned 2018, mums!

What else do you have in mind for your dream breast pump? We’re all agog to hear your ideas!

2 thoughts on “Describe your dream breast pump

  1. Peggy Lim Pei Chiat says:

    A breast pump with alarm to remind “is pumping time!”. Pump connect with phone apps or device itself which able to vibrate or beep as reminder to the new or busy mummy. Timing can set depends individually either remind in every 2 hours, 4 hours or etc. So the mummy wont miss out the daily pumping timing, especially the new parenthood mummy 🙂

  2. Claire says:

    Wish to have an idea Breast pump can have some program or set up to mummy to encourage them do pump milk on time to avoid breast harden. Mummy don’t know how many hours should pump one times until they feeling not well of their breast especially after give birth.

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