When it’s time to buy a breast pump it can be overwhelming. We understand the importance of a good recommendation before investing in a double electric breast pump, and at Pumpables we’ve dazzled midwives, lactation consultants and doulas with our Milk Genie double breast pump. Here are some of the best Milk Genie reviews from birthing professionals.

The Milk Genie double breast pump comes with more than one flange size

Some electric breast pumps on the market only come with one flange size, and even worse, you can’t swap it out. We don’t all wear the same size shoes, rings, and hats, and because every body is different, why should we expect our nipple sizes to be the same? The Milk Genie double breast pump comes with three different flange sizes – and with even more flange sizes available to purchase online, you can find the most comfortable fit for you.

“It has different flange sizes for your nipples, so you can get a more comfortable pumping experience. One of the most common causes of pain whilst pumping is the wrong size flange. When I tried it out, I thought I’d need the largest size as I have quite big breasts, but in fact my nipple size is obviously on the small size because I needed the smallest size – go figure. So you really need to try different sizes out to see which is best for you. It’s not the cup size rather it’s the opening that’s different.”

– Jenny Lord, Midwife for 14 years. Read the rest of her double electric breast pump review here.

Postpartum doulas recommend using the correct flange size while breast pumping. The Milk Genie double breast pump comes with more than one flange size, making that easier than ever.

The Milk Genie’s memory mode smart breast pump feature saves you loads of precious time

The Milk Genie is unlike any other double breast pump on the market with it’s memory mode function. This smart breast pump feature makes pumping even easier because once you find a sequence that works for you, you can program it into the breast pump. Then, you can just sit back, relax, and let the breast pump do the work for you!

“Time is precious when you’re a mum and regardless of the reason why you’re expressing, it takes considerable time to set up, pump, clean and store expressed breast milk, so to ensure you make the most any spare time you want to invest in a good pump that suits your needs. You can create and set your own pumping programs with the use of the memory button. By design unique combinations of the massage mode (designed to signal the body to have a let down by replicating a baby’s quick, light sucking) and the expression mode (which replicates the longer stronger deeper sucking a baby changes to once there has been a letdown) as well as setting the vacuum/speed for each you can ensure you get the most milk out in the shortest amount of time for you.”

– Bel Moore, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Midwife, Babywearing Consultant and Registered Child and Family Health Nurse. Read her Milk Genie double breast pump review here.

Milk Genie double breast pump smart breast pump feature memory mode saves you time.
The memory mode smart breast pump feature on the Milk Genie double breast pump saves you precious time while pumping.

The Milk Genie whisper breast pump is perfect for pumping at night

The Milk Genie is truly the quietest breast pump on the market, making it easy to comfortably pump at night or in the office without that tell-tale whooshing noise that most breast pumps have.

“When I was working fulltime, my pump was so loud I swear my desk shook and everyone in the building knew what I was doing. It actually sounded like it was moo-ing, which was an image I didn’t want my co-workers having while I was expressing milk for my baby. The Milk Genie is super, super quiet.”

– Lauren Threadgate, advocate at Breastfeeders in Australia. Read her entire double electric pump review here.

Here's why midwives are recommending the Pumpables Milk Genie double electric breast pump.

“We love quiet pumps. Especially those mamas pumping at night who don’t want to wake the whole house.”

– Ashanti Rivera, Doula at Woman’s Choice Perinatal Services.

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