Using the correct sized breastshield flange is so important for successful pumping. The Pumpables Fitting Room is a safe and secure way to get fitted by our experienced team. We have fitted thousands of women, and it’s always great seeing the impact a better fit can have.

Using the Pumpables Fitting Room

  1. At the end of your next pumping session, in good light, take a video of what your nipple is doing in the shield for a minimum of 10 seconds. Please remove your pumping bra so we can see the entire breastshield.
  2. Make sure that the lighting is good enough so that we are able to see the nipple moving back and forth in the shield clearly. Then submit your video.
  3. Once we have been able to review your video, we can give you feedback letting you know if your shield is the right fit, or if you need a larger or smaller shield, and how to determine the best shield size to try for you.
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