Are you thinking about choosing the Pumpables Milk Genie? The new Pumpables Milk Genie is the smartest choice for mums. Read our reviews!

Namaste with Taye K - Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

Tayè K

Blogger – Namastè with Tayè K

“I compared my Milk Genie to my hospital-strength pump, and the Milk Genie is right on par with suction and milk expression. This little pump has excellent, fully customizable vacuum patterns, and its small size in no way compromises its power. It holds its own against any of my other pumps. It has the added benefit of full portability.” Read more

What to consider when buying a breast pump: mmHg can be a good indicator of quality.


Blogger & Events Planner

“I absolutely love that the pump come with a rechargeable battery, making it portable. This has been a game changer for me. With my other pump, I took it along to my hen party in Bath earlier this year but hadn’t thought about the fact I needed a power source to use it. I ended up having to sit next to a plug in the restaurant pumping as discreetly as I could.” Read more

tips for pumping more milk: power pump

Madina Lawlis

Blogger – City of Hearts

“I love working with brands that are reliable, passionate about what they make, fun to work with, and committed to helping mothers and I can honestly say that it has been exactly the type of experience that I have had with Pumpables!” Read more

Heather Grace

The Pumping Mommy

“This company is made up of moms. Just like us. Who pump. Amazing, right? I always love the idea of trying products by other mompreneurs. First, because they tend to “get” what other moms want or need and second because I love supporting other moms.” Read more

Fi Morrison

Blogger – Mumma Morrison

“I love love LOVE the range of functions the Milk Genie Breast Pump has to offer – as a double breast pump, plus with more options in terms of the amount of suction it can do.” Read more


IRL Mommy Breastfeeding

“GREAT customer service. SO fast! I appreciate the great customer service, it’s always a must – especially for breastfeeding moms.”


Living with Low Milk Supply

“To be honest, I was not convinced the first time Pumpables said that Milk Genie is a very quiet breast pump. But after I compared its noise (or should I call it vibration) with my Spectra breast pumps, I am pleased to say that it is comparably quiet to Spectra S1 (and even quieter than Spectra 9+).” Read more



“I love the Intelligent memory feature, that allows you to easily store and replay your favorite pumping program, so you can chill out and let the pump do the work for you.” Read more

When to buy a breast pump - consider your plans for returning to work

Lauren Threadgate

Breastfeeders in Australia

“When I was working fulltime, my pump was so loud I swear my desk shook and everyone in the building knew what I was doing.  It actually sounded like it was moo-ing, which was an image I didn’t want my co-workers having while I was expressing milk for my baby.  The Milk Genie is super, super quiet.” Read more



“Getting the right breast pump is so important. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you want one that works well, is comfortable and doesn’t make a loud noise.” Read more

Syrah J.


“I’ve spent many early mornings and late nights pumping in absolute agony because I’ve been using the wrong sized flange and just couldn’t bring myself to spend yet more money on buying another size.  With the Milk Genie you are pretty much ready to go from the second you open the box, they’ve even included international plug adaptors for pumping abroad! What more could you want?!” Read more

Tinuke breastfeeding her daughter.

Tinuke Bernard


“There’s so many items targeted at new parents that it’s sometimes hard to work out which are essential items for your new baby from what are just nice to haves. I’ve been using the Milk Genie Breast Pump.” Read more

Ashanti Rivera

Doula – Woman’s Choice Perinatal Services

“We love quiet pumps. Especially those mamas pumping at night who don’t want to wake the whole house.” Read more

Dawn Rieniets


“The pump itself has a timer on it- which makes life easy. And the face lights up- I didn’t realise how handy that was until feeding at night when I used it as a little flashlight.  Um, and did I mention the motor is super quiet too? I can’t tell you how many videos I have of Lavinia (my first) with the obnoxious sound of my previous pump grinding in the background.” Read more

Princess Cole

The Mom in Me

“This is the most silent pump I have ever heard.”

Jazz ‘Momma Tried’


“The Pumpables Milk Genie is my personal favourite, I use it every single day.”

pumpables milk genie reviews angela ricardo

Angela Ricardo


“Having a good breast pump is really a must for me. Thankfully, I already have the Milk Genie which is a smart breast pump and is one of the best options in the market today.”  Read more.

pumpables milk genie

Life As A Butterfly


“The Pumpables Milk Genie is portable with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which lasts 3 hours, again this is super convenient when travelling! ”  Read more.

circus mum milk genie review

Circus Mum


“I’ve been using a tandem Milk Genie breast pump from Pumpables. It has a let down function and built in memory so it can automatically remember your setting preferences for the next session, and comes with three sides of shield, so you can find a size that’s comfortable for your breasts.  Read more.

A working mums life saver!

Having gone back to work, I rely on a good pump to keep up my supply and ensure my little one has enough milk expressed, for when I’m away from him.
This pump is great- it’s quiet, portable and unlike a lot of other pumps I’ve tried, it is quite comfortable (Love the different flange sizes!) and has good suction.

Dommy23 / Product Reviews

Saved my breast feeding experience.

I can’t recommend this pump highly enough. I was struggling badly with supply when my son was born, and really contemplated giving up breast feeding. After chatting with customer support staff about the best pump for my daily life, we settled on this one, and it’s been fantastic. I’m so glad I asked for help to choose a quality pump.
Will definitely recommend to friends!

Rach / Product Reviews

The perfect pump for every mum!

Strong enough suction to maintain supply whilst being gentle, small and quiet enough for portable pumping, and…. no fiddly bits! Baby daddies can easily clean and assemble all parts to help support mummas. The multiple flange sizes and ease of use make this a great baby shower gift! It is a close system which means no milk can get into the pump.

KatEdW / Product Reviews