We love seeing these pics of celebrity mums mixing it up with their breast pump like the rest of us! Jenny Mollen using her Pumpables Milk Genie breast pump in an airplane lavatory is beyond impressive to us because there’s barely enough room to sit down in those things! Luckily, our Genie is super small and quiet and well suited for this kinda thing.

Remember that Kelis song, “My milkshake brings all the boys to the lavatory”?

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As a working mum on the go, Mullen definitely needs a portable breast pump. Here’s a pic of her pumping behind the scenes on set at Universal Studios in Hollywood! Go, mama!

The mum of two — who shares sons Lazlo, 5 months, and Sid, age 3, with husband Jason Biggs — is multi-tasking like a boss – getting ready while breast pumping. (How much easier do these handsfree pumping bras make life!).

Mollen is one of a bunch of celebrity mums like Pink, Kim Kardashian, Kristin Bell, and others  who have posted breast pumping selfies online recently. We love seeing these working pumping mums getting real about what life is like as a new mum.

Put a lot of effort in to these costumes guys so no hate!

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These pics made our day and we are so happy the Pumpables Milk Genie is working well for Jen!

$130.00 $110.50
  • AUD: $144.50
  • SGD: $144.50
  • GBP: £91.80
  • MYR: RM454.75
  • EUR: €97.75

The Pumpables Original Milk Genie is a super quiet, portable little electric breast pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery, double pumping, ability to save a pump program to memory, backflow protector to stop milk getting into the pump, and it ships with THREE flange sizes in the box so you can get the right fit for your body.

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