About us

We know you're keen to know more about Pumpables, so here's our story. 

We're a woman-led team that have come together to bring the world better breast pump technology. We've all been there, we understand the sleepless nights, the struggle with confusing parts and dealing with pain.. and we understand the drive to push on so you can give your baby breastmilk. 

We believe that expressing breastmilk needs to become easier. More convenient, more comfortable, and more accessible. 

We're on a constant mission to build and improve products that will get us to that place where expressing milk fits into your life, rather than the other way around. 

We believe that breastfeeding is a normal part of being a mum and that it should be supported at every level. We can't solve every problem you'll have, but we will try to help you with a great breast pump. 

We are totally unique as a remote team of working mums

Part of being a mum-first team is that we are all working remotely. We have a small  workspace in Singapore, where we're headquartered, but most of the team work from home, often with kids around! If you've spoken to one of our customer service team, then you can pretty much guarantee she's had a kid or two in the background while she helps you out! If you're wondering how we manage R&D and product development as a remote team, it can be challenging. But we believe that our remote working model is the way forward for the future, for better work for women, and it also means we can access the best people around the world, wherever they may be. 

Thank you for reading, and welcome to Pumpables.