About Pumpables

Pumpables is a new company on a mission to make it easier for mothers to provide breastmilk to their babies. We understand that breastfeeding directly is the best way to feed, but that sometimes a mother, whether due to medical, professional or personal circumstances, will use a breast pump to provide breastmilk. When this happens, we want to make this experience as easy and efficient as possible, by developing innovative technology and delivering great customer support.

Pumpables is a Singapore incorporated company.


Supporting Mothers

At Pumpables, our core mission is to support breastfeeding and women who are using a breast pump to provide their baby with breastmilk. Although we understand that sometimes formula is a necessary or desired part of a parent’s feeding choices, we choose not to work with retail partners who promote formula at the expense of supporting breastfeeding.  By creating a wholesale account with Pumpables, you confirm that you understand and agree with this.

Using a breast pump can be a confusing experience for a new mother. Figuring out how to clean, assemble and use a new device while you are sleep deprived and caring for an infant can be stressful. For these reasons, it is important to us that every customer receives the best customer service possible whilst using our products. We encourage you to refer customers to us for any product support, troubleshooting or guidance that may be required, so that we can better support mothers and ensure that our customers are satisfied.


Pumpables Direct to Consumer Channel

Pumpables maintains a strong direct to consumer sales channel via our websites. As a new brand, maintaining and strengthening this channel is an important part of our growth strategy.


Order Process

How to place order

Pumpables maintains a dedicated wholesale channel for retail partners. You may login to the wholesale channel at any time using the login details that will be provided and place orders at your convenience.


Payment may be made via credit card or PayPal. In some cases, we may be able to provide a local bank account for order payments. This option is not available for all regions. The Retailer will be liable for any fees, such as international transaction fees.


Right now, orders over $1000 are free of shipping charges domestically. For internationally orders, shipping fee may apply. Shipping will be provided by a courier or delivery service of Pumpables’ choosing. Pumpables will choose a courier service intended to meet the delivery window below with economy and efficiency.

Please note that cross-border deliveries often attract paperwork and/or are subject to additional charges by the destination region’s import regulations. Any taxation or other charges imposed by the destination region’s import processes will be the burden of the Retailer.

Delivery Window

Please allow at least 10-14 days from the time of placing your order for completion of all items. Larger orders may require more time.


Restrictions on sale


All Pumpables products have a suggested retail price (MSRP). Retailers retain the right to charge above the MSRP; however, you may not charge less than the suggested retail price. If you decide to run a sale, you may not  discount prices more than 15% below MSRP without our approval.

Allowable Sales Channels

No products or goods purchased from or produced by Pumpables shall be resold through any online marketplace or online store (such as Ebay, Amazon or other similar sites).  Products or goods purchased from or produced by Pumpables may only be sold via the Retailer’s own website or bricks & mortar store.

By creating a wholesale account with Pumpables,  you confirm that you understand and agree with these restrictions.


Damages and Defects

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact Pumpables within 5 days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Returned goods will be replaced with new goods. Returned goods will not be accepted if held for more than 15 days after receipt. By creating a wholesale account with Pumpables, you confirm that you understand and agree with this.


Representing the Pumpables brand

As an approved retailer of Pumpables products,  you are responsible for representing the Pumpables brand. Product images, messaging and representations of Pumpables products both online and via print materials must represent the Pumpables brand, as defined by Pumpables. By creating a wholesale account with Pumpables, you confirm that you understand and agree with this.


Warranty Claims & Management

Pumpables maintains a warranty system designed to reduce cost inefficiencies, minimise customer inconvenience and optimise product quality. By creating a wholesale account with Pumpables, you confirm that you will comply with all warranty procedures advised of by Pumpables to meet these goals.



All wholesale customers will be provided with an email contact for dedicated email support. Please feel free to get in contact with us any time.


Create an account or sign in

If you're happy to agree to the above, or already have an account, please go ahead and visit our wholesale portal: