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  • AUD: $19.95
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  • MYR: RM59.00
  • EUR: €12.50

The Pumpables Genie Breastshield makes it easy to swap your breastshield size without having to replace your entire breastshield kit. Available in 21mm, 24mm and 27mm, the Pumpables Genie Breastshield is used with the Pumpables Genie Connector.

  • AUD: $30.00
  • SGD: $30.00
  • GBP: £14.50
  • MYR: RM80.00
  • EUR: €17.00

Pumpables Universal All-in-one Narrow Neck Breastshield Set Double Pack comes with 2 sets of breastshield, valve, membrane to allow double pumping. Also comes with bonus adaptor to allow use with backflow protector systems such as Spectra's.