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Charlotte C.
Singapore Singapore
Love it.

Love how soft the shield is that I don’t have any soreness!

Orli H.
United States United States
Great Idea, okay product

I have only been using the liquid shield for a week but already went from using two to using one on the slacker side only. I notice it does help empty my slacker side with less manual massage than my normal hard silicone shield. But!!! It does a poor job emptying the good super producer side. On my good side I can get 5-7 at times 8 ounces off righty in one pump. With the liquid shield on righty, it will top off at 5.5 max even if I empty the bottle and start over, its like the suction is limited by the liquid shield device. ALSO!!! If is extemely frustrating that Pumpables as a company only sends out one size silicone insert with the liquid shield kit. All over and I mean ALL OTHER companies of breast pumps provide multiple sizes for the phlanges. Pumpables requires tou at way an additional fee for other sizes and order the insert separately. On top of that they are constantly SOLD out of the smaller size. Im a 20-21mm usually on other breast pump products, but maybe I would have better reaponse with a 17mm offered? But who the he k knows because its a whole separate purchase! Oh wait- its always sold out anyways. Pretty nickle and dime if you ask me. For a $12 product- for a set of 2 silicone inserts- 2 sizes should be standard with the liquid shield kit at least. Then later when you need replacement parts you can order your correct size separating. One more thing, the suction sound on the back flow protector is louder than on my motif luna backflow protector. No big deal if it really did empty faster or more comfortably. For $50 dollars it was a meh purchase so far. I will try the smaller insert when it is an option but still frustrating that multiple sizes need to be purchased for a new product that whose whole goal is to be better and help moms out.

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Serene T.
Singapore Singapore

The silicon is gentle and enhance the entire pumping experience. It also holds better when using a hands free bra

Tarah B.
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The BEST ****** invented

These are simply amazing. More comfortable. Better output. What's not to love?!?

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review