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Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump

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Shield Kit Options

2 year warranty. Free shipping*. FSA / HSA funds accepted. 

When you bundle the Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump with the Liquid Kits you are receiving the Liquid Kits at a 50% discount. To be eligible for returns you must return the entire bundle.


Letdown & expression mode

Suction level up to 330 mmHg

Belt clip & lanyard

Rechargeable battery with 3 hours pumping time & USB-C charging

Bundled with Liquid Shield Kit

FDA Approved

Which shield size to choose?

To figure out your size, measure your nipple using our measuring tool.

The best shield size will fit snugly around your nipple, with no areola.

We know it can be confusing figuring out shield sizing, so we really recommend you get in touch if you need fitting help.

Tip most pumpers are using too large a shield, so have us help if you're not sure 💁.

Get measuring tool

Fitting Room

We've fitted thousands and thousands of women through our virtual Fitting Room!

Send some pics using our measuring tool and / or a video of you pumping and we'll give you our expert advice.

Get fitted

Technical specifications

Vacuum range - 15 - 330 mmHg

Cycle speed (Expression mode) - 23 - 70 cpm (variable)

Cycle speed (Letdown mode) - 70 cpm (constant)

Weight - 250 grams (excl kit)

Battery life - 3 hours

Charging time - 4.5 hours

Motor life - 800 hours

Noise - less than 45 db(A)

Two year warranty

Pumpables provides a two year warranty on your pump motor. If you have problems, we're here to help.

Meet the internet's favorite portable pump

There's a reason everyone's loving Genie Advanced. Designed by people who've spent those hours 'at the pump' and know what works, Genie Advanced just FEELS great with a gentle, powerful pumping style that more people respond to.

Comes with or without Liquid Kit - your choice

You can choose whether to add on 2 Liquid Kits when you buy Genie Advanced, or not. Genie Advanced will work with just about any closed system shield kit or handsfree cups. Just ask us if you're not sure.

We always encourage people to try Liquid Kit of course - so comfy! Just choose your preferred size when you 'Add to cart' and you'll have two Liquid Kits added to your order.

Because yes, you need to move

Our goal with Genie Advanced was to make a pump that was as portable as possible, work with as many shields as possible, and STILL rival much bigger pumps for performance.

Genie Advanced has a belt clip, a lanyard, 4 hours pumping time on its inbuilt battery, rechargeable via USB-C charging (yes, use your phone charger) and weighs just 220g.

We love questions 💁

What breastshields can I use?

So long as your shield system is a closed system, you should be able to make it work. We always encourage you to check your shield sizing even if you intend to use your own kit, because we find that many, many pumpers use shields that are too large.

Examples of compatible shields are Spectra, YouHa cups, Legendiary Milk cups, Freemie SlimFit, and more.

Please don't use open system shields like the older Medela cups unless you add in a backflow protector. Otherwise your pump may get milk into it and die and this will not be covered by warranty and we will all be sad 😢.

How do I know which shield size to choose?

So first of all, we fit hundreds of pumpers per week through our Fitting Room, so if you don't feel confident working out your size alone, let us help.

Download our measuring tool, and then measure your nipple. The best size will fit closely around your nipple snugly.

Get measuring tool

Can I buy with FSA / HSA cards?

You sure can! Sometimes we notice FSA / HSA cards decline - they shouldn't! If that happens, ring your provider. Let us know if we can help.

Should I buy SuperGenie or Genie Advanced?

Hmm so are you prioritizing portability or performance? SuperGenie has a larger, heavy duty motor which enables it to crank out super fast speeds at high vacuums. It also has more of a 'staccato' feel.

Genie Advanced has less cycle speed options, but still offers great flexibility in programs with a gentle, really nice feel that enables many people to get hospital grade pump performance from.

Are we being too technical? Sorry, we're breast pump nerds! 🤓

Genie Advanced is about quarter the size and weight of SuperGenie, is more portable and is going to work great as the 'go to' pump for most pumpers.

Does insurance cover this pump?

We don't have direct coverage via insurance yet. Give your provider a call and check if they'll reimburse a purchase. We'll send you an invoice that you can submit to your provider after you buy and do what we can to make things easy 💁.

What do I do if I need to change size?

If you're using Liquid Kit, this is too easy. All you need to do is switch out the Liquid insert from your kit, and replace it with a new insert in the new size.

The only part of Liquid Kit that ever changes size is the actual insert - everything else is the same. So if you need to change size, you only change the insert. Super easy & wallet-friendly.

What's included with Genie Advanced?

If you choose the 'Just Genie Advanced' option you'll receive Genie Advanced + charger.

If you choose to add on Liquid Kit in your preferred size, you'll receive two full sets of Liquid Kit including bottles, shields, inserts, tubing, bottle stand - everything required to double pump.

Need more help? Message us on Facebook 👇

Message Pumpables
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Chaquita D.
United States United States

Hi I haven't been using it long but it's not working for me I don't know if I got the wrong size but I can't make more than one or two oz but with my other pumps I make 7 to 10oz.



Hey Chaquita! Than you so much for taking the time to write a review. If you need help determining your size, we do have a free measurement tool you can find here: and a free virtual fitting room you can use here: Sometimes there is a transition period whenever you start using a different size, different type of flange, or different pump. If you wouldn't mind e-mailing us at we would love to chat more with you about what issues you have been experiencing and offer guidance to help make the transition smoother. Best, Pumpables Team

Marissa L.
United States United States

Love this pump!

I’ve been using the spectra S1 & Elvie all of my pumping journey but going back to work I wanted a more portable pump that would also allow me to use traditional flanges. I read reviews saying the Pumpables have a similar vibration to the spectra which I respond really well to so I was excited to give it a try! I’m obsessed! My output is great, if not better than my spectra & I love that I can use this pump with any flanges! It’s lightweight to wear on my neck with the lanyard & small enough it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my backpack. The settings are easy to use & I feel like these settings empty me faster! Highly recommend if you’re a spectra pump user, you will NOT be disappointed! The liquid flanges are great but I found even though I’m a 21mm with my spectra I need the smaller size since the silicone is very flexible. The flange length is also shorter than I’m used to so that might be why I need the smaller size? Not sure if I will order them because the liquid kit is great but it’s just more pump parts that I don’t need since I can use all my spectra parts no problem.

katie b.
United States United States

Makes pumping on the go a breeze!

I used the pumpables genie advanced on my recent weekend trip to nyc… and I mean ALL over nyc. I was able to pump in a taxi, on the ferry, sitting in central park, and more. This pump is SO quiet and does a fantastic job! I think having the proper shield size makes a big difference as my output was actually more than I get with my other traditional plug-in pumps. All in all… very pleased with this pump!

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review
Kezia B.
United States United States

Game changer!

This pump changed the game for me!! Omg four pumps later, this is the one FINALLY!! I have horrible pain tolerance. With the right flanges and everything in line, I was still in a lot of pain pumping. Couldn’t get past level one on my spectra. I’ve been using a hand pump exclusively since week 3 and it’s been tiring. This pump not only makes pumping bearable, I can raise the suction level and get more milk out. Also I no longer have to hand express while pumping to get the milk out and I get the same amount of milk out for half the time. So happy for this, it makes my day so much easier. It’s also great for someone who does road trips, it comes with bottle connectors, covers for the pump, extra tubing and multiple outlet prongs. You get so much for your money.

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review
Heather M.
United States United States

Worth The Rave

I wish I had started with Pumpables from the very beginning! I gave birth 01/16/22 and have breastfed and pumped since then. I have used a Spectra S1 per recommendation from many of my friends. Oh how I wish I had a Genie from day one! Not only is the price very reasonable and comparable to other high-end brands or pumps, but the quality is great! I had never heard of it until I started following Tamari Jacob (aka The One With The Pump) and she raved about it. I LOVE the size and power of this portable pump. Fro reference, I use the level 8 vacuum on cycle 54 on my Spectra S1 and I only have to use the level 3 vacuum on the 1st cycle with the Genie Advanced. That is how strong this pump is! I also really enjoy the liquid shields and am grateful that Pumpables is adamant about correct sizing. I had no idea how important it was until I started looking into getting the Genie Advanced. I originally was using the 24 mm flanges that came with my Spectra S1 pump and my lactation had given me size 19mm inserts. After sizing with Pumpables, I found out I actually needed size 17mm inserts (which I then purchased for my Spectra). Despite having the correct sizing for my Spectra, I get SO MUCH more milk from my Genie Advanced. I was skeptical because I didn’t think I would see a difference and really only purchased the Genie Advanced for portability, but MAN what a difference! For reference, I yield about 2.5-5 oz per pumping (depending on the time of day), but I get at least 3 oz with the Genie Advanced during my evening pumping session (which is my lowest) and I only get around 2.5 with my Spectra S1. Throughout the day, my Spectra would normally pump on average around 3-3.5 oz, but I get 4-6 oz with the Genie Advanced! It is unreal the difference! I wish I’d know about Pumpables before purchasing my Spectra… I really would like to try the SuperGenie and use the different programs you can load to the pump.

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review
Katherine T.
United States United States

Buy this pump!

GAME CHANGER I love this pump! It is similar to my motif Luna but I use this one even more. I bought cups to use with it so this mama is on the go with the same output as my Luna. Buy it now!!!!!

Kate b.
United States United States


I’m an ep mama. Been using the spectra 1. Until now! So happy to have found pumpables and their amazing products. Was so excited for these flanges for my elastic nipples and the portable ness of the genie advanced, I have a toddler and 4 month old so I need my hands free at all times! So so happy with this product and the company! They happily helped me find ny correct flange size. ( I had been using the wrong size all this time) but their measurements tool and Nicole from their virtual fitting room helped so much! Can’t wait to recommend to all my pumping mamas !

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review
Margaret R.
Canada Canada

So happy with purchase

This item took awhile to arrive (to Canada) but it was worth the wait! I have had it for about 2 weeks now. I previously used a spectra S2 and although it previously worked well for me, this one seems to be far more effective AND its portable without being big and bulky. I like that it came with the lanyard. The battery life has been as described so far. The liquid sheilds have been awesome!! I have very elastic tissue and struggled previously with flange sizing and comfort. I used pumpin pals for a long time which worked, but these liquid shields in combination with this pump is so much more comfortable and do a much better job. With my S2 I found i kept having to increase suction to max. This one i am comfortably and effectively able to stay down at suction levels 3-5. I wish i bought this pump way sooner.

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review
Carrie B.
United States United States

Powerhouse with amazing flanges

I am a mom baby RN and a verified breastfeeding counselor. I tried this pump to have something more mobile on the drive to and from work (another powerhouse mobile pump did not work out) and I. NOT disappointed. I use the medela symphony at work and spectra at home (genie advanced now replaced spectra) and I get as much if not more then the symphony!! The liquid flanges are great and gentle!! Loving it!!!

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review


Carrie this makes our day! So happy to hear! You're using some great pumps, so if we can match them or do better with our portable pump, that's definitely our goal achieved! Thank you for writing in and thanks for your work!

Canada Canada

More people need to know about this pump!

Not only were pumpables the first ones to recommend correctly fitting flanges (after being told 4 wrong sizes from different lactation consultants and spending so much money), but the genie advanced and liquid shields are the only way I've ever been able to pump 5 ounces (which for me was always in the realm of impossible). My biggest regret is not having known about this pump from the start, I really wish more people knew about pumpables!!! I wasted way too much money on other pumps and flanges (not covered by insurance in Canada :( ), and they were so overpriced, painful, discouraging, and I even have one sitting collecting dust because the power adaptor died days after the warranty for it expired (yes medela pump in style with maxflow, I'm talking about you), The genie advanced is portable, so easy to connect to different flanges and bottles, it's quiet, love the program button, lots of options for speed and suction, and the clip + landyard are something soooo simple that every pump should have yet none others do! Will be starting work next week, and as a school speech-language pathologist who will be running around everywhere all day, I have such peace of mind knowing I have this pump to help me continue to give my little guy breastmilk.

Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review