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Liquid Shield Kit

Contains the set of parts for one Liquid Shield

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The Liquid Shield system by Pumpables is different from traditional hard flange systems because it contains a soft interior insert, the Liquid insert.  This is made out of lovely soft liquid silicone, and it works very differently from a traditional flange. 

The Liquid insert moulds to the breast tissue, and provides a soft environment for the nipple to be drawn down. Because the Liquid insert is full-length, and extends all the way from the breast right past the nipple, there are no edges or friction, just a nice comfortable material of liquid silicone. 

As the Liquid insert is flexible, when your breast pump applies suction the Liquid insert will actually collapse down around your nipple, which helps compress and massage the nipple. This mimics the way your baby's palate compresses the nipple when she is breastfeeding.

Which shield size to choose?

To figure out your size, measure your nipple using our measuring tool.

The best shield size will fit snugly around your nipple, with no areola.

We know it can be confusing figuring out shield sizing, so we really recommend you get in touch if you need fitting help.

Tip most pumpers are using too large a shield, so have us help if you're not sure 💁.

Get measuring tool

Fitting Room

We've fitted thousands and thousands of women through our virtual Fitting Room!

Send some pics using our measuring tool and / or a video of you pumping and we'll give you our expert advice.

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This listing is for one single pack of the full Liquid Kit. This means it includes:

Liquid insert in your chosen size

Breastshield assembly

Breastshield cover

Seal diaphragm

Seal cap



Bottle lid

Bottle stand

Neck adaptor (wide to narrow)

If you're wanting to double pump, please make sure you add 2 kits to your cart. It's fine to add different sizes.



This shield fits with wide neck bottles. If you're using narrow neck bottles, you can still use Liquid Kit with a wide to narrow bottle neck adaptor (or just buy some cheap wide neck bottles). 

Breast pumps

The Liquid Kit is a closed system, so you can use it with any pump (i.e. Spectra). You must use the entire Liquid Kit when pumping (you cannot use just the Liquid insert with breastshields from another range). 

The Liquid Kit comes with a standard sized silicone tubing, but some pumps i.e. Medela need a connector attached to the end of the tubing in order to connect it to the pump. If you're using a pump that has a tubing connector between tubing and pump, you may not be able to use Liquid Kit. 

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United States United States


I’m a bit of a pump collector and I have to say the super genie with liquid shield kits is the best thing since sliced bread!!! It has made pumping at work so comfortable, I look forward to my next pump session! The liquid inserts are little silicone clouds for your nips!! If you are on the fence, DO IT!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review


Aww, this makes our day! Thanks Chesnee so happy to hear!

Shelby M.
United States United States

Liquid love

Love the liquid shield kits ! More like liquid love to make the liquid gold ! Super comfortable!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Elaine V.
United States United States

I love the liquid kits

The liquid kits made my pumping journey easier. They are definitely more comfortable to use than the regular hard plastic flanges.

Julie C.
United States United States

Just what I needed

I had months of struggling with pain while pumping and even though I had figured out the flanges I was using were the problem and I resized i still would dread pumping. At first I was hesitant on purchasing these kits because I felt like the price tag was a bit high but after reading all the reviews I was super intrigued to try them and once receiving the kit I felt the price wasn’t too bad because you get so much! From the bottle adapter to the nipples you do get a lot and I love that these come with flange covers and bottle holders. The flange itself is really comfortable I’m very happy about that! I will say however I always manage to get moisture in the top cover with the suction part and it starts making almost like a whistle noise while I pump but even though it is a little annoying it’s not a huge deal. Over all I really do love these and will definitely be purchasing more.

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Irina D.
United States United States


I really want to like the liquid shields. The only positive is that they are soft so they aren’t as uncomfortable as as standard plastic flanges. But draining wise they were not effective, normally I get 5-8oz combined, however with the liquid kits I only got 2-3oz max! I thought it was a sizing issue, I purchased the one from the fitting room and another size to be safe & brighter works. & not only that but the parts seem defective



Hey Irina! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We are so sorry to hear the liquid kits did not meet your expectations. After reviewing your video, it looks like the insert size you’re using on the right side may be too large for you. Although sizing ultimately comes down to trial and error and you have to let your comfort and milk output guide you, so listen to your body. Additionally, if you are switching sizes and flange type (going from hard plastic to silicone) there may be a transition period. If you’re interested in learning more about different techniques to transition please email and we’re happy to help! With all that being said, our hope for every pumping person is for you to find the most comfortable flange that empties you well. Please let us know if we can help you in any way! Pumpables Team

Monica M.
United States United States

Love it!

I have the Pumpables portable pump, but I also hook up their parts to my Spectra. Game changer! The silicone inserts make pumping much more comfortable for me.

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Morgan M.
United States United States

Changed the game

Pump is still a chore but with Pumpables it's so much more manageable

A Pumpables Customer
Michelle C.
United States United States

The best thing!!

About a month into my exclusive pumping journey and so glad I chose to get these 2 weeks ago!! I was starting to get sore nipples from my previous flanges and the liquid kit really saved me! Comfy and easy to clean, no tiny duck bills to worry about forgetting about..

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit ReviewPumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Jordan M.
United States United States

Finally I love pumping!

I finally found a pump that fits. I was a much smaller size then I thought after using the sizing tool. So happy to have found Pumpables!

United States United States

Did not live up to the hype

I was SO excited to try the liquid shield kits after I had seen so many rave reviews on the website and testimonials on Instagram, but unfortunately, they did not live up to the hype in my experience. Here are a few pros and cons: CONS: I do not like the one-piece flange and duckbill valve for a few reasons. First, there is the inner silicone piece and then the outer hard shell. By the time I disassemble that, my bucket of pump parts to clean is almost already full. I exclusively pumped with my first child so I have done my fair share of cleaning pump parts. Can we all agree that we do not need more parts to clean? This was a major con for me. Also, the fact that the flange and duckbill are connected means you have to replace the whole insert every time you need a new duckbill, which for an exclusive pumper could be every 3-6 weeks. I could buy a 2 pack of liquid shield inserts for $12, or a 4 pack of duckbill valves for $10. It adds up over time especially if you are exclusively pumping for an extended period of time. I also had issues with the silicone insert becoming unattached from the outer shell when I would put it in my nursing bra. Maybe this was a user error, but every time I would put the flange in my bra, the silicone edge would un-attach in some sections from the outer shell, which creates more manipulation when you are trying to get everything situated and start pumping. This is especially unfortunate if you are pumping at work and operating on a limited amount of time for your pump break. PROS: Comfort: The silicone flanges are very comfortable. However, this is not a true pro in my opinion because you can purchase silicone flanges like LacTeck or Pumpin Pals and hack them with your spectra/medela/etc pump parts. If you are considering this product for comfort alone, I would start with the silicone flanges only rather than buying this system. I know one of the draws to this pump/flange system is the milk output people have been getting. In my experience with the liquid shield kit compared with my standard Medela parts, I have gotten very similar outputs. I did not find it emptied me any more or less effectively than when I used my Medela parts with the Genie Advanced Pump. As long as you are using a properly fitting flange, you should be able to achieve maximum milk removal with or without this flange system. This review in no way impacts the way I feel about the Genie Advanced pump. I have had a wonderful experience with the pump and plan to continue to use it with my Medela parts. If you are on the fence about the pump, get it! If you are on the fence about the flange system and already have one you like, I wouldn't waste your time or money.