6 Photos that Prove you need a Closed  System Breast Pump

6 Photos that Prove you need a Closed System Breast Pump

If you need to buy a breast pump you may have noticed that there are both closed system and open system breast pumps on the market. It’s so important to use a closed system breast pump like the Milk Genie because an open system pump has nothing stopping milk and moisture from entering the the pump motor. Moisture can damage the motor, but it also creates a favorable environment for mold and bacteria which can contaminate your milk! Here are 8 images that prove you need a closed system breast pump.


Yes, you need to use a backflow protector

Backflow protectors are the heart and soul of a closed system breast pump. It’s so important that you use the backflow protectors that come with your pump because they create a barrier between the tubing and your collection kit, preventing milk and moisture from entering the tubing. Some brands of pumps do not come with backflow protectors or backflow filters, so mold and condensation can enter the tubing. Did you know there’s also no way safely clean the inside of the tubing? Yuck.

In an open system breast pump, there’s nothing stopping moisture from getting into the pump motor. Condensation will build up on dark and hidden surfaces, inviting all sorts of lovely things such as mold and bacteria to move in. Closed system breast pumps prevent this.


Mold spores are airborne, and breast pumps use air to create suction

Mold and condensation can build up anywhere in your breast pump, even far away from your milk collection kit.

If there’s mold in your breast pump, even if it isn’t near where your milk is, it can still contaminate your milk because mold spores are airborne. Since breast pumps operate by creating a vacuum using the suction of air, mold spores can move around freely. Closed system breast pumps prevent this from happening.


Closed system breast pumps are safe and sanitary

Closed system breast pumps prevent all this gross from happening, making them safe and sanitary to use. You don’t want bacteria or mold around your baby’s milk, especially if your baby is premature or has another health condition. Closed system pumps typically last longer and are safe for use by multiple users (with their own milk collection kits) for this reason. We understand that the Pumpables Milk Genie isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of other fantastic closed system pumps on the market. Maybe you need a hospital grade pump like the Spectra S1 or S2. Whichever you end up purchasing, make sure it’s a closed system pump!


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