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Liquid Shield Kit

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The Liquid Shield system by Pumpables is different from traditional hard flange systems because it contains a soft interior insert, the Liquid insert.  This is made out of lovely soft liquid silicone, and it works very differently from a traditional flange. 

The Liquid insert moulds to the breast tissue, and provides a soft environment for the nipple to be drawn down. Because the Liquid insert is full-length, and extends all the way from the breast right past the nipple, there are no edges or friction, just a nice comfortable material of liquid silicone. 

As the Liquid insert is flexible, when your breast pump applies suction the Liquid insert will actually collapse down around your nipple, which helps compress and massage the nipple. This mimics the way your baby's palate compresses the nipple when she is breastfeeding.

Which shield size to choose?

To figure out your size, measure your nipple using our measuring tool.

The best shield size will fit snugly around your nipple, with no areola.

We know it can be confusing figuring out shield sizing, so we really recommend you get in touch if you need fitting help.

Tip most pumpers are using too large a shield, so have us help if you're not sure 💁.

Get measuring tool

Fitting Room

We've fitted thousands and thousands of women through our virtual Fitting Room!

Send some pics using our measuring tool and / or a video of you pumping and we'll give you our expert advice.

Get fitted


This listing is for one single pack of the full Liquid Kit. This means it includes:

Liquid insert in your chosen size

Breastshield assembly

Breastshield cover

Seal diaphragm

Seal cap



Bottle lid

Bottle stand

Neck adaptor (wide to narrow)

If you're wanting to double pump, please make sure you add 2 kits to your cart. It's fine to add different sizes.



This shield fits with wide neck bottles. If you're using narrow neck bottles, you can still use Liquid Kit with a wide to narrow bottle neck adaptor (or just buy some cheap wide neck bottles). 

Breast pumps

The Liquid Kit is a closed system, so you can use it with any pump (i.e. Spectra). You must use the entire Liquid Kit when pumping (you cannot use just the Liquid insert with breastshields from another range). 

The Liquid Kit comes with a standard sized silicone tubing, but some pumps i.e. Medela need a connector attached to the end of the tubing in order to connect it to the pump. If you're using a pump that has a tubing connector between tubing and pump, you may not be able to use Liquid Kit. 

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United States United States


I’m a bit of a pump collector and I have to say the super genie with liquid shield kits is the best thing since sliced bread!!! It has made pumping at work so comfortable, I look forward to my next pump session! The liquid inserts are little silicone clouds for your nips!! If you are on the fence, DO IT!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review


Aww, this makes our day! Thanks Chesnee so happy to hear!

Heidi W.
United States

Like no other breast shield

I love the service I’ve received from fitting help to how much more comfortable it is to pump! I was wearing the completely wrong shield and pumping was painful and I had to hand express a lot after each pumping session. With the liquid shields I’m completely emptied by the pumping session. Works well with Spectra S2 pump as well.

chelsea w.
United States United States

Game Changer

Buying the liquid shields completely changed the way I feel about pumping! I used the online fitting room and was helped right of way. Great customer service. I will be throwing out all my plastic flanges.

United States United States

Life saver!

After having gone through so much difficulty and pain with pumping, i decided to give this product a try and omg it made such a huge difference. I hadn't felt so comfortable with pumping ever before. I wish I had found this product sooner and didn't have to struggle so much with pumping.

Brittany G.
United States United States

Comfortable pumping

The first time pumping hasn’t hurt for me! Would give 5 stars however every now and then I have a hard to getting to empty with them and have to use a traditional hard set to get everything

Aarin P.
United States United States

Game changer!

From the first time I started using the liquid shield kit, my milk production increased!! I went from 2-3 oz per breast to 3-4 on one and 4-5 oz on the other! It’s much more comfortable and my nipples are no longer constantly sore. It’s so nice that this comes in smaller flange sizes too. Easy to clean and assemble. I highly recommend!

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Brittney L.
Canada Canada

Go for it!!

Oh my God. I cannot get over how comfortable these are. There like little clouds of happy on my nipples. I have several pumps and kits. I’ve never felt anything so comfortable - everyone needs these. Its like the LM collection cups but better. IYKYK.

Aurora R.
United States United States

The literal worst product

If you are an exclusive pumper, run from this product. It is the most frustrating product to use. A complete and total nightmare. I don’t know how this has such good reviews but my only thought is that they purchased the positive reviews because I refuse to believe they are real. The parts are so extremely difficult to put together. If you are pumping 7 times a day or any times a day this isn’t for you. It takes me 20 minutes just to get it to work. I’ve bee in trying for the past 2 days each time I pump and each time I pump I want to throw this out. The worst part if once you use them you can’t return them. Run run run from this piece of garbage product.

Julia F.
United States United States

Satisfied overall

Overall I’d say the liquid shield kit is an upgrade from my standard spectra parts. The silicone is more comfortable, but not a game changer in my opinion. I really like the universal adapter for the bottle sizes! Makes it so much easier to pump directly into the narrow mouth lifefactory bottles my baby prefers. It is harder to visually see your letdown because the plastic is more opaque, especially when it gets steam or milk everywhere. That can make it harder to know when to stop pumping. Easily adaptable to my SpeCtra S2.

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit Review
Elisa H.
United States United States


I am an exclusive pumper and I really like this brand. Overall, they are more comfortable than my Spectra flanges and I tend to get more output with them in less time. I don’t have to hand massage to get the last couple drops out like I do with the Spectra flanges. There are two things that could use improvement though. The edge of the liquid insert is a pain to get fitted around the hard flange and to get it to stay put. Secondly, the liquid inserts have to be replaced often. If they were a little more durable and could last longer, that would be ideal. Overall, I like this product and will continue to use it for the convenience of being able to pump more in less time without hand massaging.