• AUD: $180.00
  • SGD: $180.00
  • GBP: £108.00
  • MYR: RM600.00

The Pumpables Milk Genie is a super quiet, portable little electric breast pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery, double pumping, ability to save a pump program to memory, backflow protector to stop milk getting into the pump, and it ships with THREE flange sizes in the box so you can get the right fit for your body.']

  • AUD: $14.95
  • SGD: $14.95
  • GBP: £9.00
  • MYR: RM50.00

Pack of 2 high-quality BPA-free breastmilk bottles, compatible with Spectra and Avent wide neck breastshields.

  • AUD: $14.95 - $14.95
  • SGD: $14.95 - $14.95
  • GBP: £9.00 - £9.00
  • MYR: RM50.00 - RM50.00

Pumpables Original Backflow Protectors provide backflow protection for your breast pump. Choose 'Short Stem' if using Spectra-style breastshield, or 'Long Stem' if using Medela-style breastshield (including Pumpables Original All-In-One Breastshield). Comes in a set of 2 full backflow protectors.

  • AUD: $12.56
  • SGD: $13.63
  • GBP: £7.66
  • MYR: RM42.64

Top quality replacement valves and membranes for use with your breast pump.

What you're saying...

Like these better than my medela parts! This is a great little replacement or space shield set. 
Brooke Kelly / Amazon
I like these better than my spectra flanges - more comfortable and I get more output.
P. Mehta / Amazon
So happy with the customer service, product and delivery time!! Thank you Team Pumpables!!
Jade Manktelow / Facebook

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