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SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump

121 reviews
Size Guide
Breastshield size
  • Letdown & expression mode
  • Suction level up to 330 mmHg
  • Bluetooth app operation to save, run and import programs
  • Up to 2.5 hours pumping time on rechargeable battery
  • Bundled with Liquid Shield Kit

Please measure your nipple diameter (no areola) using the measuring tool.

The best shield size will fit snugly around your nipple, with no areola. If your size is not available, please go up to the nearest available size. Liquid Kit is quite flexible and forgiving of a greater size range e.g. if you're usually a 15mm, then the 17mm Liquid should feel great, or if you're usually a 19mm, the 21mm will be fine and so on. 

Need help? Visit the Fitting Room.

  • Vacuum range - 15 - 330 mmHg
  • Cycle speed (Expression mode) - 40 - 70 cpm (variable)
  • Cycle speed (Letdown mode) - 72 - 104 cpm (variable)
  • Weight - 1.1 kg (excl kit)
  • Battery life - 2.5 hours
  • Charging time - 4 hours
  • Motor life - 1500 hours
  • Noise - less than 50 db(A)

SuperGenie motor

  • Compatible with any closed system shield kit

Liquid Kit

  • Compatible with standard wide neck bottles
Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 121 Reviews
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    Kailyn B.
    United States United States
    Powerful Pump

    I am an exclusive pumper and I’ve been using a Spectra. Switched to this pump last week to see if I could empty any faster, and I love it! I can’t say I’ve seen an increase in supply or anything notable like that, but it is comfortable, portable, and powerful! The app is a little clunky and could use some work on its features, but I’m impressed. You can tell this was a pump created by pumping mamas!

    Pumpables SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump Review
    Althea V.
    Philippines Philippines
    My Holy Grail Pump

    I could say I have had one too many pumps including the S that has overwhelming reviews and tried and tested M, but SUPER GENIE IS BY FAR the best in terms of producing/increasing output and the most comf'table flanges ever.. Yes I'm that milking momma that tries all those buzzing brands but often times ending up disappointed wishing I didn't buy 'em, and so far this is one dependable motor that I would say made my milk wishes come true, like a true genie haha.. I love everything about it: Hospital grade and closed system; Splash-proof; Size (fits most make up bags) and thus very portable; Liquid Flanges that give unmatched pumping comfort; Most versatile expression program; Vibrate effect that helps with output; Good battery life and fast charging too; Super fast delivery (I'm from PH and I got it in less than 4 days! ); Very prompt and efficient customer service / after sales support. One thing though, I hope the brand would come up with a carry tote specifically for it, just to add to its portability and style. Overall, if you're a mom who's been out and about countless pumps and still searching for the one, or a new mom starting your breastmilk journey, YOU WILL NEVER GO WRONG WITH SUPER GENIE!

    Pumpables SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump Review

    Wow! Love it, so happy to hear!

    United States United States
    Wanted to love it

    I really, really want to love it. I am exclusively pumping, so I would love a good pump that both does the job and doesn't make my breasts or nipples sore. This set doesn't make the breasts/nipples sore, very gentle on them, but it takes a lot longer than the Medela Symphony I rented from the hospital to get the milk out. I gave it 2 days -- having pumped at least 6 times - to try it out; it took over 40 minutes to get still slightly less than what the Symphony can get out of me in about 22 minutes. This is pretty frustrating, especially at night and in the early morning when you have to get up to pump. And my right breast became engorged as it didn't get all the milk out. It is also not very quiet compare to the Symphony. I am not sure how other mass market pumps do in terms of that, but this one woke my husband when I used it at night. Another con, as the vacuum isn't strong enough, the breast shields do not attach to the breasts as well as the Symphony. You may have to press them to your breasts with your hands or a bit of milk may spill. I find it pretty annoying, and since the pumping parts are kind of big and clumsy, it's harder to use them with the pumping bras too. So it's extra troublesome...


    Hey Trista, it sounds like something actually may be going wrong with how you're using the pump. You should absolutely find the suction very strong. If you email us, we can try and work with you to get better results. We do have a program you can use with SuperGenie that will help feel more like Symphony. (It does unfortunately usually take a couple weeks to adjust to a new pump, but there are techniques that can help with this). We can't locate your order to check your shield size, but that is another thing that should be checked. Users coming from Medela tend to be using too large a size, so it's possible that this needs to be looked into too. Hope this helps and we'll stand by for your email!

    Amy L.
    United States United States
    Amazing Pump!

    The SuperGenie is AMAZING!! My almost 9 month old baby is breastfed, but I wanted to start pumping once or twice a day to help give my supply a boost, especially after she started solids and is nursing less during the day. I had a Lansinoh, but it wasn't cutting it- I was only getting 2-3 oz in a 30 minute pumping session (I was LUCKY to get 4 oz or even get one let-down). I knew there was no way it would help increase my supply! Now that I'm using the SuperGenie and Liquid Kit (also so amazing!), my output has continued to increase! Right now I'm getting 7-9 oz per session, and the other night, I got 12½ oz in 15 minutes! That's the most I've EVER pumped! I'm finally confident that I can maintain a great supply to keep up with my baby's demand for as long as she wants, and hopefully even donate the extra milk to babies in need! I am SOO glad I found Pumpables and so grateful for their amazing products! Highly recommend- you can't go wrong with Pumpables!

    Pumpables SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump ReviewPumpables SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump Review