How coronavirus affects babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding

How coronavirus affects babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding

Right now, we're all struggling to make sense of how serious the coronavirus (covid-19) situation is, and how likely it is to impact our family. We've done our best to collect all the information you can and round it up for you here. As always mama, this is not medical advice and check with your care provider for advice for your situation.  Babies and mamas with specific medical needs or underlying conditions will definitely need be in a different risk category. We're in an evolving situation now, so be aware that there's the potential for things to change as new information and research comes in, but here is the situation so far. 
If using a breast pump, please do take extra care with washing hands & sterilising parts.

Is coronavirus dangerous when pregnant?⠀

So far, all women who have contracted coronavirus have had very mild cases. It seems that pregnant women are less likely to get a severe case of coronavirus than other demographic groups. Of course, a pregnant mama you should take extra care of yourself, drink fluids and rest. Some viruses can be more dangerous when pregnant, but covid-19 is not one of them. ⠀

What happens to your baby if you get coronavirus when pregnant? ⠀⠀

All pregnant women who contracted coronavirus in third trimester when on to give birth to newborns who tested negative for coronavirus except for one little bubba, who did test positive but showed no symptoms. Doctors believe he most likely contracted coronavirus after being born. ⠀

Is coronavirus dangerous for newborns?⠀⠀

What is very clear with covid-19 is that the younger you are, the less likely you are to contract it and the less likely you are to have a serious case. Newborns are the least likely group to get covid-19 or have a serious case and we can all be very relieved by that. Older children are also far less likely to get infected or seriously ill than adults. Big relief! ⠀

What if you are breastfeeding and get coronavirus? ⠀⠀

First of all, as per usual, standard advice is always to keep breastfeeding. Baby has already been exposed and will benefit from the antibodies in your milk. ⠀
If you are a pumping mama, you might consider having someone else feed bubba your expressed milk and always wear a mask.
Scientists have tested breastmilk from mamas who have coronavirus and NONE of the samples have been positive for the virus - coronavirus is not present in breastmilk.

Be aware of supply issues that might impact your breastfeeding needs

One last thing that we will mention is that there is a real chance that there may be shortages of breast pump equipment like valves, bags and so on down the line. Although suppliers (including us!) really work hard to make sure that doesn't happen, it is good to be aware of it. We've had to work hard to maintain our supply of the silicone needed to make parts like valves, and we're also behind on developing smaller sizes for our Liquid Kit due to factory closures. No need to panic, but it's something to keep in mind. 

Always go by medical advice from your care provider

Everyone's situation is different - you or your baby may have specific medical needs such as underlying respiratory issues or other medical issues that will impact how your immune system handles coronavirus. Please make sure you always check with your medical provider for the most accurate information on how to approach coronavirus, your risk and prevention. 

We hope this is all helpful for you, mama. We know you already have a lot to stress about right now, and you are far more likely to encounter flu or one of those horrific gastro bugs than covid-19. Take care and we'll get through this together. 

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