Meet the SuperGenie

Meet the SuperGenie

When we decided to build a new hospital grade breast pump, we had one goal.

To build a breast pump that would be better at pumping milk than any other.

When it comes to breast pumps, there are lots of things that mamas worry about, but these mostly come down to:

  • Portability - how easy will it be to cart around, take to work or use while you’re juggling pumping with baby.
  • Performance - how well will the breast pump perform and do its job at helping you extract milk.

The SuperGenie seamlessly blends these priorities, bringing you a smart hospital grade pump that's compact enough to bring with you while providing better performance than any other.

Why is the SuperGenie so great?

The SuperGenie’s advanced programming and powerful motor mean that it can offer a huge range of lifelike program options.

The SuperGenie's powerful motor gives it strong suction up to 330 mmHg, but what really makes the SuperGenie stand out is speed. The SuperGenie is capable of reaching cycle speeds up to 104 cycles per minute in letdown mode and 70 in expression mode. There's just no other pump with this amount of power. In fact, the SuperGenie can pump as fast in expression mode on high suction as leading competitors can pump in letdown mode.



This huge range of options means more chance of finding what works for you, even if you've found pumping hard.

Time and time again, our research during development showed us that the more a woman can customise her pump program to suit her body, the better her results will be.

The 'Gifted' child in the breast pump family

With the SuperGenie, we want to start a transition to smarter pumping. 

Your SuperGenie comes with inbuilt memory, so once you've figured out settings that work well for you, you can easily save them to memory.


Using the SuperGenie app


You can also use the SuperGenie app to control your pump, save programs and more.

More app features are coming soon:

  • Share programs with friends
  • Track metrics
  • Receive suggestions.

We believe it's time mamas are empowered to make better decisions about pumping, so stay tuned.


SuperGenie bluetooth breast pump


Stay portable with an inbuilt rechargeable battery

You’ll be as portable as possible with the SuperGenie’s lithium battery that holds up to 2.5 hours pumping time. 

SuperGenie breast pump USB charging

The SuperGenie comes with a USB-C charger and adaptors for use in every country, so you’ll be okay wherever you travel.


Compact & lightweight

We know you care about portability when it comes to your breast pump. We designed the SuperGenie to be as compact as possible, without compromising on performance.


SuperGenie portable hospital grade breast pump


At 1.2 kg and with a handle that folds down, the SuperGenie pump will take up about as much space as a lunchbox. (You’ll still need extra space for your accessories, as usual).



The SuperGenie’s handle contains an integrated nightlight that has two light levels. You may find yourself using your SuperGenie as a bedside lamp!



We’ve kept the noise down

We know you care about the noise level in your pump, so we worked really hard to make the SuperGenie nice and quiet. By soundproofing the interior, we’ve actually kept the SuperGenie quieter than our portable pump the Genie Plus. You will have no problem using your Genie Plus near your baby, while watching Netflix or in the office while feeling like people are wondering where that sound is coming from! 


Single or double pumping

Don’t worry, your SuperGenie comes with everything you need to double pump (pump from both sides at once) including two shields, bottles, tubing and so on. In fact, we’re even shipping our new Liquid (™) kit with the SuperGenie (more below).



Introducing Liquid, our new kit with liquid silicone

Included with your SuperGenie is a full double pack of our new Liquid Pumping System. 

This is a closed system breastshield system that has an inner flange insert made out of liquid silicone. 



As you pump, the Liquid insert collapses onto the nipple, mimicking the way that your baby's palate stimulates your nipple. Combined with the amazing letdown mode to encourage milk flow on the SuperGenie, this provides a truly lifelike experience. 

The Liquid kit is a closed system - it has an integrated barrier that completely prevents any milk from getting near your pump motor. This protects both your pump motor and your milk.


Compatible with many other brands

If you already have closed system breastshields from other brands like Spectra or Freemie, or you’re using other shields from the Pumpables range, you will be able to use them with your SuperGenie if you prefer.


Neck adaptor with Pumpables Liquid Kit


You can use any standard narrow neck or wide neck bottles with the Liquid system - though two bottles are included with your SuperGenie.

*Never use an open system shield kit with your SuperGenie.


Can I choose my shield size? 

Yes! The Liquid kit is available in sizes 21mm, 25mm and 29mm at checkout. To check your shield size before buying, visit

Just ask us for help if you're not sure.


Your SuperGenie comes with a two year warranty, wherever you live

We take warranty issues very seriously as we know that having a problem with your breast pump causes a lot of anxiety. If you have a problem, get in touch. We’re rolling out service centres, but for now if you have a problem that we can’t resolve by troubleshooting, we’ll send a replacement. We’ll also arrange to get your faulty pump back so we can do a full analysis on what went wrong.


What does the SuperGenie ship with?

Your SuperGenie will ship with absolutely everything you need to double pump, including the SuperGenie pump motor, USB-C charger, and a full double set of the Liquid pumping kit. You'll have everything you need to get started pumping and storing breastmilk.



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