Pumpables Milk Genie Review by Wei Wei  Socit from Malaysia

Pumpables Milk Genie Review by Wei Wei Socit from Malaysia

Wei-Wei from Malaysia has been one of the very first users of the Pumpables Milk Genie (definitely the very first mum in Malaysia!) so we waited to hear what she would have to say about using the Genie. Wei-Wei is a working mum and really needs a pump that will work well and not let her down, so we knew Wei-Wei would really be in a good position to give an expert review. Here are Wei-Wei’s
notes on using the Pumpables Milk Genie:

From Wei-Wei:

The suction is gentle to me to express the milk without pain. I start to love it so much. I am able to produce 3-4 oz of milk for each side every 4-5 hours gap that I pump.Good news is I use less than 10 mins can empty both breast. Last time need to use at least 20 mins when I pump using my previous pump.
Pumpables can connect to freemie, but the suction is not strong as compare to connect to its own shields and bottles.
Pumpables come with different size of shield. This is good because I can choose the one which is most suitable for me. Some mommies use the shield that doesn’t fit and results in nipple pain.
Pump is quiet, whisper, does not make a lot of noise. It works perfect for working mom like me, I shared a room with another three colleagues, with the whispering sound, it will not affect others.
Pumpables is a double electric breast pump which has save a lot of my time, I just used around 10-15 mins can empty my breast. The use of battery power which mean I can pump anywhere, it is very convenience. It is a good choice for travel. I can pump at cafe, Starbucks or even in the car. This will save a lot of my time. I normally pump in the car especially when my husband is driving. The battery can last for 2.5 hours of pumping.
I used medela PISA and it is not that convenient because it has to connect to electric power to pump.
The most important thing is that the pump is small in size, which is easy for me to bring around. It is light weight, but with the awesome motor that can drain my breast quietly.
Another thing I like about pumpables is that it has backflow protector to avoid the milk to go into the pump. Furthermore, the milk will less easily get contaminated through the tubing because there is the backflow protector. However, the evaporation during pumping make the front part that connect to the flange with some bubbles.
I like the pump because it comes with a display of timer, let down mode, and it let us save our memory of pumping and able to set the adjustable programme. However, the drawback of the pump is I always accidentally press the on button when it is kept inside my bag.
In overall, I like to use pumpables for my daily pumping.

Thank you Wei-Wei, this is really great information for mums! It’s exciting for us to see the Pumpables Milk Genie breast pump heading out around the world and making mums’ lives a little easier. If you have any questions about the Milk Genie, or anything else, just hit the button below to have a chat on Facebook Messenger.

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