Tips & Tricks for Using Breastmilk Storage Bags

Tips & Tricks for Using Breastmilk Storage Bags

If you’re a mum who is pumping or plans to pump a lot, then you will probably find you use breastmilk storage bags to store your milk. Bottles simply take up too much space in your freezer. Pumpables make some pretty great storage bags, but also these tips will work with any brand of milk storage bags.


Don’t use standard ziplock bags

First tip, is to please do use a purpose designed breastmilk bag solution. Even though you may not need to sterilise your breast pump parts every time they are used (check with your care provider), you do still need to always store breastmilk in a sterile container. Pumpables bags come pre-sterilised, and this should be the case for any reputable brand. You also want to know that you are storing in food-grade, BPA-free bags.


Use your flange as a funnel

Worry less about about spilt milk: use your flange to transfer milk from bottle to flange! This simple tip can really save a lot of tears.


Use Pump2Bag clips to pump straight into bags

If you do this you can scratch the tip above! Use Pumpables Pump2Bag clips to attach any compatible bags straight to your breastshield. You can then pump straight into storage bags which will really make life easier.


Freeze breastmilk storage bags flat

Freezing your breastmilk storage bags flat will make it easier to keep them organised in the freezer. Freezing flat means you can stack them like in the image below, or arrange them upright like books. Conversely, freezing them in the upright position will take up a lot of space at the base of each bag which means it won’t be as easy to stack things on top of them or arrange them into a drawer. To freeze flat, lay them down on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Make sure as many air pockets as possible have been removed (a few frozen air bubbles are fine). Once frozen, remove them from the cookie sheet and arrange as desired in the freezer.


How long can I leave breastmilk storage bags in the freezer?

Current guidelines state that breastmilk can be kept in a regular freezer (-18-20°C / 0-4°F) for up to 6 months, and a deep freezer (-20°C / -4°F or lower) for up to 1 year. Check out our complete breastmilk storage guide for how long you can keep breastmilk in the refrigerator, in a cooler, and in other situations.


Other uses for breastmilk storage bags

You can use breastmilk storage bags to store more than just breastmilk. If you’re making homemade purees for your baby, you can use breastmilk storage bags to freeze and save for future use – they are food safe freezer bags, after all. If you’re in need of an ice pack (such as for transporting your breastmilk during a car trip) you can freeze water in them.

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