Use your Medela Flange With Your Spectra Breast Pump

Use your Medela Flange With Your Spectra Breast Pump

If you’ve been trying to hack your breast pump kit so that you can use your Medela flange with your Spectra pump, agonise no more! There are loads of hacks around, from squashing the Medela flange inside the Spectra shield, trying to boil the Spectra shield until it softens, or forcing the Spectra backflow filter to fit the Medela tubing, but wouldn’t you love an easier answer? Well… now there is! Pumpables have created a handy little adaptor which will allow your Medela breastshield to fit straight to the backflow protector on the Spectra kit.


Why would you want to use a Medela flange with a Spectra breast pump anyway?

Comfort, convenience, the usual reasons! You may not be able to find a Spectra flange that is the perfect size for you, or you may just want to continue getting full use of your Medela flanges. Sometimes the Medela shape is just a better shape for your body (it is very slightly different to Spectra’s). Most commonly it’s simply that you need a flange size that Medela makes and Spectra doesn’t.


The problem with attaching the Medela kit straight to your Spectra breast pump

If you have both a Medela breast pump and a Spectra breast pump you may have wondered why you can’t just use the Medela kit with your Spectra pump. The problem is that most Medela pumps (such as the popular Medela Swing) are an open system – they have no barrier in the kit preventing milk from entering the tubing and potentially getting into the breast pump motor. The answer to that is to use a backflow protector to create a ‘closed system’ in which the physical barrier of the backflow protector completely blocks milk from getting anywhere near your pump motor.  Spectra pumps come with a backflow protector (or you can buy one from us here). Unfortunately, the Medela breastshield won’t actually connect to a backflow protector. Ideally, you will use a backflow protector, and we definitely encourage you to do so to protect both your milk and your breast pump (moisture getting into the pump motor can cause mold build up, which can’t be cleaned effectively and could be a hygiene issue).


How the Pumpables adaptor works

The little piece simply fits straight between the Medela breastshield and the Spectra backflow protector. You insert the smaller end into the Medela breastshield (it’s the same shape as the Medela tubing connector) and the other end will have the Spectra backflow protector fitted into it. You then use attach your tubing to the other side of the backflow protector as usual and pumps away!


Is there any loss of suction, or other drawbacks?

Nope, you shouldn’t notice a thing! It is another piece you have to clean and make sure you don’t lose though. And definitely keep it away from children in case they try to put it in their mouths! It should last forever and can go in the dishwasher for cleaning.


Where can I get one of these handy little parts?

Just visit the Pumpables online store 🙂

As usual, if you have questions, just ask us. We love to hear from you guys!

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