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Universal Narrow Neck Breastshield Set

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Flange size

Need a comfier fit? Try our new Liquid Kit, with soft shield, available in sizes 17mm, 21mm, 25mm and 29mm.  Compatible with just about all breast pumps. Learn more.

Our universal breastshield pack comes with 2 sets of a breastshield, valve and membrane to allow double pumping. These breastshields are a narrow neck, so they'll fit directly to narrow neck bottles (i.e. Medela) - if you're using wide neck bottles (i.e. Spectra's) then add the neck adaptor to your cart :) 

The Pumpables universal breastshield is one piece breastshield that is compatible with most major brands of breast pumps.


  • Narrow neck universal breastshields in your chosen size x 2
  • Valve heads x 2
  • Membranes x 2
  • Adaptors to connect to backflow protectors x 2

This shield fits with narrow neck bottle sets. If you are using wide neck bottles, you will need to purchase a neck adaptor.

Please note that backflow protectors are not included, compatible backflow protectors are available separately on our site. This set includes shield adaptors so you can use your short stem backflow protectors.

Using the Pumpables universal breastshield

The back part of the shield is shaped to allow a tubing connector or a shield adaptor to plug directly into the shield.

If you are using a breast pump with a backflow protector, then you will use the included Pumpables adaptor piece. Plug the adaptor piece into the back of the breast shield, then connect the backflow protector to the adaptor piece. You will connect your pump tubing on the other side of the backflow protector as usual.

We always recommend you use a backflow protector when pumping for optimum hygiene.

Sizing guide

Breastshield sizing is tricky. If you experience any kind of pain when pumping, the wrong size shield is often the culprit. Women are not one size fits all, and it's no different with breastshields! If you have no idea at all what size you are, then you can try to gauge the size by measuring your nipple circumference. Note - it is irrelevant what bra cup size you are - it is the width of your nipple when you are pumping that determines your flange size.

Measuring your nipple

To measure your nipple, you need to measure straight across the widest part of the nipple (not including any areola). It's helpful to measure after pumping for 10-20 seconds.

How to choose the right size

If you are using our Nipple Ruler, the size to try would be the size stated on the hole that fits snugly. Your nipple should fit in the circle on the nipple ruler snugly, but without the circle squashing the nipple. Minimal space should be visible between the nipple and the edge of the circle on the ruler. You do not want areola entering into the circle - just nipple. Send us some pictures if you're not sure.

If you are using a normal ruler to measure, once you have measured your nipple size, then round up to the closest mm, and that would be the best shield size to try. So if your nipple size measures just under 19mm, choose the 19mm shield size 😉.

If you're still not sure, head to our Fitting Room and get personalized assistance from one of the team. We have fit tens of thousands of pumping mamas with the right size breastshield!


The universal shield has been designed to fit as many breast pumps as possible. It will attach to any standard size tubing - just remove the tubing connector.

Works with these breast pumps:

  • Medela Lactina
  • Medela Mini Electric
  • Medela Pump in Style
  • Medela Swing
  • Medela Symphony
  • Pumpable Genie Plus (with compatible backflow protector)
  • Pumpables SuperGenie (with compatible backflow protector)
  • Spectra 9+ (backflow protector must be used)
  • Spectra M1 (backflow protector must be used)
  • Spectra S1 (backflow protector must be used)
  • Spectra S2 (backflow protector must be used)

Works with these bottles:

  • Medela bottles
  • Pigeon narrow neck bottles
  • Any other standard narrow neck bottles
  • Spectra bottles with narrow to wide neck adaptors
  • Pumpables bottles with narrow to wide neck adaptors

Works with these backflow protectors:

  • Pumpables long stem backflow protector
  • Pumpables short stem backflow protector with included shield adaptor
  • Spectra backflow protector with included shield adaptor
  • The universal shield on its own is an open system and we always recommend adding a backflow protector to make it a closed system.


All Pumpables parts in contact with your milk are free from BPA, phthalates and other nasties.