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UV Sterilizing Bag

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We're so happy to finally be releasing our UV Sterilizing Bag! UV Sterilizing a safe, easy method of sterilizing and by packaging it into a portable, lightweight bag we've made keeping your pump parts (as well as anything else you'd like to sterilize!) hassle-free.


Measuring at 14 cm by 26 cm and weighing in at 520g, the UV Sterilizing Bag is super lightweight and convenient to take out and about for sterilizing on the go. 

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses safely and conveniently. 
  • Suitable for sterilizing your breast pump parts and accessories. 
  • Handy for sterilizing anything else you'd like to sterilize, like keys, toys, pacifiers and bank cards!
  • Rechargeable - comes with micro-USB cable in the handle for easy charging. 
How to use


Wash your breast pump parts first, and then place inside the UV Sterilizing Bag. It's okay for the parts to be wet - just shake off excess water. Note - the UV Sterilizing bag won't dry parts - just sterilize them.

Make sure that the UV light panels have a good 'view' of all surfaces you wish to sterilize the UV light cannot penetrate through opaque materials.

Once you're ready to start, zip up the bag and press the start button. The button will pulse and you will see the UV sterilising in process through the front view panel. The bag will beep after 5 minutes to let you know that sterilizing is complete. 


Charging is super easy. Just pop out the micro-USB charger tucked into the handle and connect to any 5 volt USB wall plug. Charging time is 4 hours and you'll get about 20 sterilizing uses out of each charge.


To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth or baby wipe. As this product contains electronics, please never use dishwasher or immerse in water.



Height 140mm

Width 260mm

Weight 520 g


Battery life approx 20 uses

Charging time 4 hours

Battery type Polymer lithium battery

Power supply Micro USB

Voltage 5 Vdc, 1A

UV Sterilizing

UVC Led life 10,000 hours

Wavelength 260-280 nanometer

LED Heads 12 UVC + 2 UVA



All Pumpables parts in contact with your milk are free from BPA, phthalates and other nasties.