Help! There’s Milk in my Backflow Protector!

The backflow protectors are there to prevent milk from getting into the tubing and pump motor, but should you be worried when milk actually enters the backflow protector? Milk in the backflow protector is completely normal If milk is getting into your backflow protector, that’s completely normal! It’s the backflow protector’s job to keep milk […]

8 Breast Pumping Techniques to Maximize Milk Output

Using the correct technique while breast pumping can make all the difference in milk output. Here are 8 techniques to master to get the most out of your breast pump. 1. Correctly position the nipple in the flange Before you begin pumping, it’s important to properly place your nipple into the flange. Just placing the […]

Pumping While Pregnant

Namaste with Taye K - Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and breastfeeding? We talked to Tayè K, who’s using the Pumpables Milk Genie and expecting her second child, about her experience using a breast pump while pregnant. Here’s what she has to say… You might experience a change in milk supply during pregnancy We asked Tayè if she’s overcome any challenges breastfeeding while pregnant, […]

Birth Control and Breastfeeding

Not ready for another baby? Many mums wonder about the types of birth control that is safe to use while breastfeeding. There are so many contraceptive options available so we know it can be overwhelming. We’ve done the research to identify the recommended methods of birth control that are safe to use while breastfeeding. Remember […]

Marketing Assistant

Pumpables is Hiring a Marketing Assistant! We are growing and need a new awesome marketing assistant. We First of all – We are looking for someone with experience in marketing, breastfeeding and expressing knowledge, great communication and initiative to make things happen. Please have a read through the requirements for the position below, and if you […]

Why it’s so Important to Use the Correct Sized Flange

This nipple measuring ruler is the easiest and most accurate way to measure your nipple for breastshield flange size

Using the correct sized breastshield is so important when you start using a breast pump. Here at Pumpables we understand that not all women are the same, which is why we’ve included 3 different sized breastshields with the Milk Genie. We sell breastshields ranging in size from 19mm to 30mm; and, you can find breasthields […]

Everything you Need to Know About Lipase in Breastmilk

Does your expressed breastmilk smell or taste soapy? Is baby not wanting to take bottles of expressed milk? Your first reaction might be that dish soap has contaminated your milk, but it’s more likely you have high levels of lipase in your breastmilk. Here’s what you need to know about lipase, and what you can […]