Breastfeeding a Teething Baby


Worried about teeth? Here’s what you need to know about breastfeeding a teething baby. Baby biting nipple while breastfeeding? Breastfeeding a baby that has started biting you can be a really difficult experience. It can be really draining knowing that your bundle of joy has suddenly turned part vampire and wants to chomp down on […]

Why You Should Replace Breast Pump Parts

The parts you use with your breast pump can make all the difference. At Pumpables we are constantly hearing reports from mums that they’re getting better results after replacing parts. Here are some things to think about: Try a new breastshield size If you haven’t yet, you should measure your nipple for your breastshield size. […]

Tips & Tricks – How to use Breastmilk Storage Bags

Tips and tricks on how to use breastmilk storage bags

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released our very own breastmilk storage bags from Pumpables! Breastmilk storage bags are a great alternative to bottles if you’re going to be pumping several times throughout the day, and they’re also great for freezing some milk for future use. If you’re new to pumping, you might be wondering how […]

Breasts Feel Empty? What this Means for Your Breastmilk Supply

How did a transgender woman induce lactation?

Have you noticed your breasts feel empty? It’s a common concern among new mums, especially around 6 weeks to 3 months postpartum. After giving birth, it’s normal for a new mum to feel full or leak, and even experience breast engorgement. After a couple months of this, when your breasts start feeling empty it can […]

Breast Engorgement Remedies

breastfeeding baby during a growth spurt

If you’ve just had a baby and you’re feeling uncomfortably full, and even leaking, you’re not alone. Breast engorgement is common in new mums, especially in the days following birth while your milk is coming in. Engorgement can be uncomfortable and even painful, and it can make it more difficult for your baby to latch, […]

Breast Massage while Pumping

Do you want to increase the amount of breastmilk you get while pumping? Continue reading to learn all about breast massage while pumping, an easy technique that can make all the difference. Why you should use breast massage while pumping Using breast massage while pumping will increase your breastmilk output. A study on exclusively expressing […]

We love this giant panda breastfeeding her cub!

giant panda and cub

For the first time ever, a giant panda breastfeeding her cub has been captured on video camera. In the Changqing National Nature Reserve in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, a giant panda mother and her cub were seen climbing down from a tree on April 1, 2018. The panda cub – approximately 2 years old – […]

How to Increase Milkflow while Using a Breast Pump

What to consider when buying a breast pump: mmHg can be a good indicator of quality.

Are you finding it difficult to get milkflow while using a breast pump? It’s common to think that you can get milkflow while using a breast pump just by attaching the pump and turning it on. Although this might be the case for some women – especially in the beginning of your breastfeeding journey when […]