Pumpables is hiring!

Pumpables is hiring! We are growing and need a new awesome Customer Service team member. We are looking for someone with awesome customer service skills, breastfeeding and expressing knowledge, great communication and initiative to make things happen. Please have a read through the requirements for the position below and if you think you’d be a […]

Your complete guide for cleaning breast pump accessories

Breast pump accessories need to be sterilised before first use and cleaned after you pump. You might be wondering which pieces need to be cleaned or sterilised, and especially if you pump frequently, the best methods for doing so. Pumpables has put together a complete guide for cleaning and sterilising breast pump accessories. Sterilise before […]

How to assemble your breast pump

Properly assembling your milk collection kit to your breast pump is so critical for successfully expressing milk. The Mom in Me blog has created a fantastic video showing how to assemble the Milk Genie breast pump!   If you still need help assembling your pump, contact our expert customer service team! The Pumpables team is made up of […]

Your complete guide to protecting frozen breastmilk and pumping during a power outage

This year has been making headlines for extreme weather all over the globe, from record breaking wildfires in western Canada and the United States to devastatingly strong Atlantic hurricanes. This past summer Australia saw 205 weather records broken. While 2016 was the warmest year on modern record, it’s looking like 2017 may be just as […]

Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week

Tinuke breastfeeding her daughter.

This week is Black Breastfeeding Week and here at Pumpables we are celebrating by spreading awareness of the importance of Black Breastfeeding Week. Black Breastfeeding Week was founded in 2013 for several very important reasons contributing to low breastfeeding rates among people of African descent. In honour of Black Breastfeeding Week, we’ve asked Tinuke, who lives […]

Your complete guide to replacing and recycling breast pump parts

The most common cause for a decrease in milk supply while pumping are worn out parts. Worn out pump parts decrease the performance of the pump and also make the pump work harder, putting unnecessary stress on the motor contributing to a shortened overall lifespan of the pump. Check out our simple guide below for […]